How to Know If A Role Is The Right Fit

How to Know If A Role Is The Right Fit

No matter your experience, starting a new job can be scary from the recruitment and hiring stage to your first day there. Will you like your co-workers? Will you be able to progress in your career? What is the work environment like? These are all questions we all ask ourselves when determining if a job is the right fit for us.


So how can we know for sure if a role is the right fit for us? Whether you’re looking for a new Digital Marketing role or are preparing for your next Ecommerce manager interview, keep reading to find out just how to tell if a role is the right fit for you!


In this article, we will cover how to ask about company values and why you should consider more than just the salary!



Consider Company Culture... 


A strong and positive company culture is essential for any new job, whether you’re the new SEO analyst or Digital Marketing Manager it is important to know just where you fit within the company. More often than not when you’re starting a new job you’re immersing yourself in a company with a pre-existing culture and values. Before signing that contract it is important to evaluate whether or not your values align with the company you will be working for. Will your colleagues and employers have similar morals to you? If not, the role may not be the perfect fit for you.


Company culture may seem like something you discover once you begin your role but there are ways you can determine just what the company's values are during the recruitment and hiring stages. Ask questions in your interview! Asking questions is a great way to get to know your possible future employers and it also allows the interviewer to understand just what you are looking for in your next role. If possible ask questions such as ‘What is the work environment at your company like?’ or ‘What would you say your company's core values are?’ These questions are great ways to understand the type of company you will be joining!

Having shared values is essential!

Having shared values is essential!



It’s more than just a salary...


Whilst a higher salary can be the selling point of many roles, it is important not to just base your decision on numbers and £££ as you could regret this down the line. Your next Digital Marketing job is more than just salary, high earnings are great and are the main selling point of most jobs. However, it is useful to look past the salary and consider the role in itself. What will be expected of you in your role? Who will you be reporting to and working with? Do the company’s values align with your own? The job salary can often be blinding and distract us from looking deeper into the job, is this a role you see yourself in? 



Is there room for progression?


For most, career progression is key. When considering whether or not a job is the right fit for you, there are a few questions you can ask yourself (and your potential employer) about the future of your career whether it be in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce or CRM.


When considering a role, ask yourself: Will this role be engaging and challenging for you? If you’re not engaged in the role and learning new skills, then career progression will be limited as the role is not helping you to develop your skills and employability. Try to discuss with the employers during the recruitment and hiring stages if this role is challenging and engaging. 


Additionally, it is important to consider whether or not it is possible for you to progress in the company, will there be future roles opening for you to apply for so you can climb the metaphorical career ladder? Will this role provide you with new connections and allow networking so you can progress in your career? If you’re interested in finding out more about networking why not check out this blog post!


Finally, does this role fit into your career narrative? Is this what you want to be doing? or is it a stepping stone to a future career you want whether that be in Digital Marketing or Ecommerce? If your answer to these questions is no then the job might not be a great fit for you. Whilst jobs that don’t fit into your career narrative can still be great for gaining transferable skills and experience if you’re looking for a role that will help you progress in your particular field then you might want to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a role in Digital Marketing why not submit your CV on our page! 



Location, Location, Location. 


 It is essential to consider the location of the role. Can you get there? Are there easy and accessible transport links? Is it within walking distance? If you can drive, could you drive there? All of these are important questions to ask yourself, if you can’t get to work everyday then the job is not the right fit for you. 


However, if you are concerned about travel to work, you can always ask your potential employer about opportunities to work from home. In a post COVID world, working from home is becoming more popular, so it doesn't hurt to ask how flexible the role is. Can you be an ecommerce manager from home 2 out of 5 days a week? 


How long is your commute to work?

How long is your commute to work?



Finally, go with your gut!


More often than not, your gut is always right! You will know whether or not a role is right for you during the hiring and recruitment stages. Can you picture yourself working for this company? Would you enjoy your work if you did? 


So go with your instincts! 



We hope these tips help you when deciding whether or not a job is the right fit for you! If you’re preparing for an interview why not check out our blog post titled ‘The Good Candidate… how to Stand Out from Other Applicants’ to help you prepare!