Making The Right Digital Marketing Hire For Your Team

Making The Right Digital Marketing Hire For Your Team

Creating your digital marketing team can be a daunting task. You want to find candidates who have relevant knowledge and experience, but also can fit well within your current team. This balance can ensure your digital marketing team works well together to produce great quality work.

This blog will guide you through 7 ways to ensure you make the right digital marketing hire for your team. By following these 7 suggestions, you could build your dream digital marketing team in no time! Hiring candidates can be made simple.

Look for specialists

A common mistake often made when hiring your digital marketing team is choosing ‘all rounders’. It is much more beneficial to hire a specialist of a particular digital marketing skill. For example, a social media, PPC, or SEO specialist.

In digital marketing, you need extremely focused team members who are the best at their chosen speciality. While it may be tempting to hire an all rounder, there are limitations to doing so. 

Just because someone possesses skills in multiple areas, doesn’t mean these skills carry equal weight. It’s challenging for individuals to develop their skills equally across such a wide range of specialisations.

Ask the right questions

You should ask digital marketing candidates creative questions and value unique answers. Instead of asking generic interview questions, ask about obscure scenarios that will tell you exactly what you need to know about a candidate's thought processes, reactions, and opinions. 

This allows you to receive a natural response from candidates instead of a scripted answer. From this, you can learn how a potential digital marketing or ecommerce candidate can work under pressure. 

A candidate who isn’t necessarily as qualified as someone else may show you their natural ability to think about things in a new/ different light. Gaining this insight into individuals can ensure you hire the right fit for your digital marketing team.

Consider using a recruitment agency

Using a recruitment agency can take away the stress from your hiring process. It saves you time and effort, whilst ensuring you are presented with qualified candidates. Recruitment agencies can filter applicants based on your requirements and preferences. 

Recruitment agencies are experienced with the hiring process from start to finish. They know how to make a good match after getting to know your company and the working environment. You can put your trust in them and know they will place appropriate and qualified candidates into your job openings. This allows you to build a strong digital marketing team.

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Using a recruitment agency can take the stress of hiring away

Using a recruitment agency can take the stress of hiring away

Know what you need

Are you truly prepared for the interview process? Do you know what you are looking for? When hiring a new individual to join your digital marketing team, you should keep in mind what your team does not currently have. 

Is your current team lacking fresh ideas? Is your team struggling to reach young audiences on social media? You should know what your team is in need of when hiring new digital marketing or ecommerce talent. You need a clear idea of what type of candidate will make your team successful. 

Give a detailed task oriented job description

Make the requirements from your digital marketing hire clear. By being straightforward and specific about what you expect from your digital marketing hire, you can filter applicants more efficiently. 

By focusing on tasks rather than personality traits, you can discover which candidates would excel in your available job role. It also gives the potential candidate a good idea of what a typical day may look like. Candidates can see whether they would have the knowledge and skills required to be successful within the role.

Use social media

Broadening your sourcing methods can help to find more potential digital marketing candidates. By utilising social media, you can connect with fresh talent. Social media can offer an easy way to find top digital marketing candidates for your team.

For example, using LinkedIn to advertise your job openings is an effective way to make the right hire for your digital marketing team. You can view candidates' experience and qualifications easily. You can also see if they have completed specific skills assessments that may be relevant to your job opening.

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Don’t hire based solely on experience

Just because someone has a lot of experience in similar roles, doesn't mean they will be the  best hire for your digital marketing team. You should look beyond candidates’ CVs. 

Remember to consider company culture. You need a candidate who fits in well with your company culture so your team can reach its full potential.

Hire candidates for your digital marketing team who are eager to grow and learn. The ideal candidate will be passionate about growing professionally, both individually and as part of a team. 

Use social media to broaden your sourcing capabilities

Use social media to broaden your sourcing capabilities

Use these 7 tips to hire the right digital marketing candidate for your team. These helpful tips can also make sure you don't hire the wrong candidate and have to restart the entire hiring process.

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