Switching to Digital Marketing

Switching to Digital Marketing

Marketing is a delightful field that drives profits, audiences, and awareness to any business. Over the past 22 years, as with every other aspect of business, marketing has become more accessible for anybody who wants to use it. Even so, some companies have opted to avoid following the trend, staying loyal exclusively to traditional campaigns. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with traditional campaigns, but the internet has provided everyone with a free, accessible means to be approachable and understood. This blog will expand on how to make the change from traditional to digital marketing.


Find your People

Chances are, your target market is already online. Therefore, finding your audience is a crucial step towards setting up your digital presence. How will you find your audience? Using tools provided to you on the internet! There are paid tools to help your audience come to you such as PPC and Paid Social Advertisements. Both tools allow your business to become more visible online and to be viewed by your target audience without the hassle of having to find them yourself. 

Meanwhile, there are organic, free tools such as SEO and content marketing that also allow your audience to find you. However, it takes more skill and data to understand what drives an ad to the top of the search results whilst also targeting the specified audience that the business prefers.

Of course, these are tools that will bring the audience to the business. There are, on the other hand, strategies that allow the business to approach customers and engage with them without needing to navigate search engines and advertisement setups. Conducting competitor and complementary business research online can lead to finding online a community of online users who share an interest in the product or service that your business provides. This can also be done by visiting related community forums or pages.

Finding the business audience online is a simple way to increase awareness and engagement with your desired clientele whilst also maintaining the business values and core brand. It will also humanise your company and give it more personality, making it relatable to your desired client base. 

Being online means being on social media, search engines, and forums!

Being online means being on social media, search engines, and forums!

Location, Location, Location

As a business, there are a multitude of platforms you can use to communicate with your audience. Only a few of which are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A few less utilized ones include Reddit, Tiktok, and Snapchat. It may be easy to fall into the trap of using all social media platforms to advertise, spread awareness, and even engage with clients. However, avoid falling into the pitfall of overextending your business before it is ready. For large-scale businesses with a multitude of client groups, demographics, and interests, it may be useful to be on as many platforms as feasible. For SMEs, however, digital marketing on a few platforms is simpler and more effective. 

It is important to find out where your audience spends their time before making a decision. Consulting data as well as conducting research can aid in finding the correct platforms, and allow you to be in the same space as your desired audience. This will then allow you to engage effectively as well as post content that will stir the audience with a call of action or inform them with new information about the business that they may not have known already. Find out more about choosing your platform here: Using Social Media To Hire Talent and Build Your Brand


Hire a Professional

Digital marketing is an exciting field. However, it is time-consuming, can be tedious, and is skilled work that requires much creativity, technical skills, and a special attitude that allows the marketing professional to continue representing a business online without fail. Digital marketing is vast and includes, not just social media, but customer relationship management and ecommerce as well. 

While many may choose the path of digital marketing, it is a field that requires much focus, organisation, and upkeep. Hiring a professional digital marketer may be crucial to getting your business the online presence and maintenance it needs. However, It is not easy. Finding a professional and dependable digital marketer takes knowledge of the field as well as an understanding of people. Reading people, their skills, and attitude is a key reason why using recruitment agencies may be the avenue for you to get your business online. If you’d like to find out more about how to grow your audience online, check out our blog: Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency

Once recruited, the business would continue to grow online simultaneously while also allowing the rest of the company activities to go about uninterrupted.

You can at least double your audience using digital strategies!

You can at least double your audience using digital strategies!

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