The Importance of LinkedIn in 2021

The Importance of LinkedIn in 2021

This past year has seen a large shift in the way we work, from the rise of remote and digital working to the surge of professionals joining LinkedIn. In 2021, LinkedIn is more important than ever when tracking your own personal and professional development as LinkedIn is the perfect online library for showcasing all of your experiences, skills and achievements and networking potential employers and recruiters. 

As the use of LinkedIn continues to grow in the business world it is useful to note just what makes LinkedIn so important and favoured by employers across the globe, and why you should make sure your LinkedIn profile is on top form. 

So what is the importance of LinkedIn in 2021? Keep reading as we cover how to optimise all the features LinkedIn has to offer to ensure the most success in this new age of employment. 


A great place to Network: 

Keep in touch with those who matter!

The days of a physical rolodex of professional contacts are quickly coming to a close. With the rise of LinkedIn comes the rise of connecting with professional contacts instantly like never before. LinkedIn regard themselves as “The World’s Largest Professional Network.” and with one look at the expanse of potential connections on LinkedIn it is clear why. 

LinkedIn has become essential for networking in all capacities whether it be connecting with current and past colleagues to networking with potential employers and employees. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to maintain a network of professional contacts with industries you may have lost touch with, it also allows liaison with professionals which would otherwise have been impossible. 

In order to ensure you make the most of the extensive library of contacts available on LinkedIn it is important to connect with as many people in the relevant industries as possible. To do so you can use the LinkedIn ‘My Network’ feature which suggests potential contacts you may know in relevant fields, whether that be alumni of your university of professionals working in a similar field to you.  

Another great way to use LinkedIn to build your professional network is to endorse the skills of those you have worked with previously. Not only does this build up your interaction on LinkedIn and boost your profile views, this also allows you to showcase professional connections with others. Often, an endorsement on LinkedIn can be a quid pro quo situation and in return your connections may also endorse you, boosting your employability and the quality of your profile.  


LinkedIn is a great way to keep up to date with current and previous colleagues!

LinkedIn is a great way to keep up to date with current and previous colleagues!


Improving your Google Ranking:

LinkedIn is also an important tool for ranking your name higher on a google search. It is not uncommon for potential employers to google your name when considering hiring you, henceforth a higher name ranking on google is highly beneficial. LinkedIn is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective forms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). LinkedIn is a well established, professional forum and therefore it is typically easier to rank your LinkedIn Profile higher than a homemade digital portfolio. 

Therefore, it is essential to make sure your LinkedIn profile is perfect and up to date. One quick and easy way to do this is to make use of the ‘featured tool’ on your page, there, you can showcase your work and achievements and this will be one of the first things an employer sees when reading through your profile. To ensure your profile is interesting and engaging, rank your most relevant and recent experience the highest and showcase any volunteering or charitable work.

Finally, the more connections you have and how often you connect the higher your google ranking. This isn’t to say that you should connect with anyone and everyone, but connect with everyone you have or have had a professional relationship with and people in the relevant industry who you would like to build a connection with. This improves your ranking as it shows that you frequently use LinkedIn and therefore are invested in building a professional network and are dedicated to your work/industry. 



Showcasing achievements and employability to those who matter: 

You have an extensive list of talents and achievements, what better place to show them off? 

When used effectively LinkedIn is an advantageous way to showcase all your achievements, skills and credibility to the right people. It may be difficult to compress all of your achievements, experiences and skills into one CV document and often you may find yourself cutting things out in order to make space. LinkedIn is more important than ever in ensuring all of your achievements are showcased in all their rightful glory and there are many ways to do this. Using the licenses and certificates feature LinkedIn allows you to showcase any and all relevant certificates and achievements, whether this be your drivers license or a certificate for high achievement in your class at University. 

Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to create a virtual portfolio to display your work, from an art piece or a link to your published writings. This is important as it allows you to showcase your abilities to your employers and provides quick access to all your hard work. 



You can research a company or individual and see if they are right for you.

Not only is LinkedIn a great and important tool for showcasing personal and professional development, it can also be a useful platform when joining a new company or industry. As LinkedIn continues to grow and become more important than ever in the professional world, companies will take use of the post and featured tools on LinkedIn and will continuously provide up to date content regarding the companies development, successes and latest ventures. This is an incredible tool when entering a new company as you can use LinkedIn as a way to research the company and its values when considering if it is right for you. 

This tool is also great for those non-job seekers who are just interested in keeping up to date with industry knowledge and staying on top form. The business world is an ever growing and changing industry, and it may often seem overwhelming to sift through the great expanse of content to keep up to date with the change. On top of this, remote working can often feel isolated from the work-place see here for tips on how to work from home effectively,  you once spent a large amount of your time at, and it can be easy to fall behind on current events. Therefore, LinkedIn is a great way to keep up to date with changes to your industry quickly and easily. 



 LinkedIn is a great site for job hunting:

Search for jobs and showcase your employability all in one convenient place. 

LinkedIn is more important than ever in 2021 for those seeking a new role, whether it be changing industry completely or looking for a part time volunteering role to give back. Everyday, companies are uploading new roles directly to LinkedIn for job seekers. LinkedIn is becoming one of the primary sites for finding and recruiting potential talent, whether this be through individuals directly applying for a job on LinkedIn or being contacted by recruiters who have seen their great array of skills and potential displayed on their LinkedIn page (another important reason to make sure your profile is detailed and up to date!). Therefore Linkedin is a great tool if you’re looking to make a career change!



Is LinkedIn the future of employment?

Is LinkedIn the future of employment?

We hope this was useful if you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn profile or understand just how important LinkedIn is in the digital age. If you’re looking to build up your online presence further why not have a look at: How to Budget for Your Social Media Strategy.