Why Job Satisfaction is Important for Employees in 2022

Why Job Satisfaction is Important for Employees in 2022

The nature of the physical or virtual workplace is to have employees working towards a business related goal. A team united in furthering the company’s success is pivotal for an organization to thrive. Of course, every organization has an end goal of thriving.  

However, employees are not robots. They require a level of humanity that will keep them motivated to do their best work for a company. In the digital marketing and ecommerce fields, hiring managers and human resources should strive to keep their employees satisfied. Why is that? Keep reading to uncover how to put yourself in their shoes, and find out how job satisfaction contributes to their work!


Creative Jobs, Open Mind.

Digital Marketing is a creative field that requires minds to be open, and willing to expand for the chosen topic. If you have ever worked, or have seen someone at work on a digital marketing project, you would immediately realise that the project is fuelled by that person’s creativity. Whether it’s copywriting SEO on a website, writing up social media posts, editing photos, or creating a schedule, creativity is always involved in almost every task a digital marketing employee has to complete. If you’d like to read more on some of the tasks are important in digital marketing, check out this blog: The Most Important Skills Digital Marketing Recruiters Look For.

Moreover, once you realise how much creativity it tasks digital marketing employees, you must think about whether they would be able to complete these tasks if they were unsatisfied with their work or not. The answer is, maybe, but not well. Productivity might go down, but quality will definitely decrease and time goes on. 

Recruiters and hiring professionals must be aware of this when hiring a digital marketing employee, as they must ensure their values and culture align with the company. They must also ensure that they will be motivated to do the work on good and bad days purley because they enjoy their job.

Maintain Creativity and Motivation!

Maintain Creativity and Motivation!


Satisfaction and Motivation Go Hand in Hand

Ecommerce jobs are slightly different. In ecommerce,  employees are expected to be highly motivated all the time and find new ways to drive themselves further to success on their own accord. At times, their livelihood even depends on it, as some ecommerce employees earn commission only. 

Job satisfaction plays a huge role in ecommerce jobs particularly because they make the company profits. The downside of an unsatisfied ecommerce employee is that the company makes less money. This is of course not ideal for a number of reasons, but particularly because if this will impact the rest of the employees negatively. If the company does not make money, then the rest of the employees, including the digital marketing department, will be less motivated to do the work. 

To avoid the domino effect of dissatisfaction in the workplace, keeping ecommerce employees satisfied should be high on the list of important things to keep in mind. However, something else to keep in mind for recruitment and hiring professionals is to hire a motivated, and highly driven ecommerce employee who also believes in the company and what it does or the product that it sells. Find out more about how to hire the best ecommerce candidate in our blog: Recruiting the best ecommerce candidate.

An ecommerce employee that believes in the product or service of the company is definitely more likely to make higher profits and keep the company revenue increasing. This could only be improved if the job is built to support an ecommerce employee’s needs and support them within the job as well as outside of it’s bounds. 


Employees Have Feelings Too!

Something employers must keep in mind is that digital marketing and ecommerce employees are not always working. They have personal lives, communities, and personal time to be part of their personal activities. On their own time, they could return home, pick a movie, make some popcorn, and spend some quality time with their partner. Or, they could clock out from work, change in the car, and head over to a metal concert before passing out on the floor. As long as the work is getting done right, employers have no say in the personal life of an employee. 

However, an unsatisfied employee is slightly different. As established, a dissatisfied employee will find the quality of their work decreased. If something has happened in their personal life, they will carry that into their work performance. This is not ideal for the company, but also for a digital marketing or ecommerce employee. 

A method of increasing job satisfaction is to show your employees that you care. Asking after their wellbeing, and ensuring their general happiness is a sign that the employer does in fact care for their employee outside of the profit aspect of the job.

This ensures job satisfaction, and it also ensures that digital marketing and ecommerce employees only have good things to say about the company and its management. Satisfied employees talk about it inside and outside of the workplace. This is of course ideal for the reputation of any company, and should not be taken lightly!

Caring about your Employees is not Overrated!

Caring about your Employees is not Overrated!

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