Working For a Start-up Could Be Just What You Need…

Working For a Start-up Could Be Just What You Need…

Bursting with energy, creativity and ambition? This is why working in a start-up could be for you. 

You may feel that choosing to work for a small, new business is risky and uncertain but look at it in a different way and you will see excitement, opportunity and the possibility of fast progression. You will feel the excitement of being directly involved in the first successes; you can take advantage of the opportunities that come with needing to play more than one role in the company; and, let’s be honest, without so many colleagues competing for the spotlight, even if you’re more shy and reserved, you may well be able to realise your ambitions and progress more quickly.


It is likely that you will get better pay working for an established brand but consider the bigger range of responsibilities that will come your way in a start-up. For instance, even if you’re employed as a content writer you’ll find yourself in a small team where you will have input into sales, finance, purchasing, negotiating and other aspects of the business. If someone’s away it could be you fronting the company for a day and stepping up to clinch the next deal. So, the financial gains may be less initially but gains in skills and confidence will be much greater in the long run.

Workplace Happy

You will be so much more than a small cog in the wheel of a huge corporate clock. Sheer lack of numbers means you will immediately be an important part of the team and have to use your creativity and determination to resolve problems that can’t be passed on to others. When push comes to shove, you know that you are directly responsible for the successes or failures. Yes, this is a challenge. However, as a result you will feel valued and elated when things go well. You will also share in the down times and feel sad if things don’t work out but above all, you will not feel passive or overlooked.Your mental and professional resilience will only increase Most importantly for me though is the fact that it is so much more fun being part of a smaller, more personal workplace .

Knowledge and Values

Not only will you acquire a broader knowledge base in a shorter time but you will be instilled with the values of the entrepreneurs who started the business. It is almost impossible for creative, innovative and determined people not to have a positive effect on their colleagues. It rubs off on you and after a while, you too will have the get up and go to match them and fully understand the values of devotion and hard work, self-reliance and self -sustainability which most start-up entrepreneurs are made of. So, before you discount working for a start-up, ask yourself if you’re eager to learn and ready for the spotlight….and if you are, then step on in!